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My Favorites



Incense, body oils, candles and room sprays are just a few things that I love.  My favorite perfumes are Aromatics Elixir by Clinique, Cinnabar by  Estee' Lauder and when I am dressed down and relaxing at home I like to wear Wild Musk by Coty.  I ADORE Victoria's Secret and practically live for the Semi-Annual sale every year. My favorite scents at VS are from the Garden Collection. A few of my favorites in the Garden Collection are Love Spell, Vanilla Lace, Pure Seduction, Strawberries and Champagne and Coconut Passion.   Bath and Body Works is another of my aromatherapy passions.  Specifically, The Aromatherapy Collection at BBW as well as their 3 wick candles ALWAYS bring a smile upon my face.  Yankee Candles and Nag Champa Incense are just a few more of my aromatherapy favorites 


 I do not drink often but I enjoy any combination of these spirits when I do drink:  Bailey's Irish Cream, Amaretto Di Saranno, Frangelico, Kahaluah, Motzart, White Zinfindel, and Bacardi wine coolers





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